Find the perfect song, fast.

Pitchr is an intelligent music discovery tool for brands, agencies, and storytellers.

Music search reimagined.

Our mission is to help you find the perfect song for every project in minutes, so you can spend less time searching and more time making magic.

Search through all of your music sources in one place

Pitchr lets you search through your own library along with vendor catalogs and music libraries from a single location.

Find the song you need faster with Smart Search

Say goodbye to basic tag search - our intuitive search engine lets you search by usage context, reference track, and more.

Streamline your music search workflow

Pitchr's Video Workspace lets you upload the video you're working on so you can build playlists and audition songs in context.


You'll know the perfect song when you see it.

From film scenes and trailers to ads and promos, choosing the right song can make all the difference. Pitchr's video workspace lets you feel how each song transforms your project so you know you're making the right choice.


A powerful, intuitive search engine.

Pitchr uses a number of data sources and analysis tools to make music discoverable, so you can search for music intuitively. Smart Search lets you search by reference track, instruments, lyrical content, popularity, mood, genre, and everything else you need.


Experience a better way to find music.

See how Pitchr can help you use music to tell your story.

A music discovery solution for all licensees.

Production Companies

For film, TV, or video game production companies - Pitchr will help you streamline your process for discovering and licensing music.

Music Supervisors

Pitchr will help you quickly explore all of your sources of music to find what you need faster. 

Creative/Ad Agencies

Pitchr will help you collaborate with clients, manage your projects, and quickly find the perfect music for every project.

Brands & Companies

Use Pitchr to find and license music that will help you tell your story and connect with your audience.

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