What if your catalogue could pitch itself?

Pitchr synchronizes with your catalogue and uses AI to help you pitch your music.

How does Pitchr work?

Pitchr synchronizes with your catalogue, enhances your metadata, and uses AI to help you pitch your assets to licensees.

Connect your catalogue

Pitchr seamlessly integrates with your existing catalogue management system.

We make it discoverable

Pitchr automatically maps and enhances your catalogue's metadata.

Get your music licensed

Our intelligent pitching system helps you close more deals and earn more revenue.


Shine a light on your catalogue.

Just connect your catalogue and Pitchr instantly makes your music explorable. Our Smart Search lets you search by reference track, instruments, lyrical content, popularity, mood, genre, and more - so your team and licensees can find the song they need, fast.


Send playlists your clients will love.

Use Pitchr to rise above the noise - send licensees interactive playlists that let them audition songs with their video, explore your catalogue, and help them find the track they need. 


Get your music to more licensees.

We know you'll always want to pitch your biggest clients - Pitchr helps you tap into the thousands of opportunities you don't have time for so you can maximize your revenue.

Licensees fill out a brief

Licensees describe their project and the type of song they're looking for.

Pitchr pitches them songs

Pitchr analyzes their brief, scans your catalogue, and pitches them the best matching songs.

You close the deals

Once they find a match, you'll receive a licensing request and can close the deal.


Grow your business with Pitchr.

We want to help you take your business to the next level. Our team will ingest your catalogue and handle any custom integrations you need so you'll be up and running in no time.

Maximize your licensing revenue

Get more out of your current pipeline and tap into new opportunities through Pitchr's licensee network.

Save time and money with automation

Pitchr automates time-consuming tasks so your team can focus on more important activities.

Leverage data to scale your business (soon!)

Use descriptive song data to make important decisions about how to manage your team, catalogue, and talent.

Try it free.

Create your free account today and see how Pitchr can help you get more out of your catalogue.

Don't let your assets sit on the shelf - make sure all of your catalogue is ready to be discovered and licensed.

Eliminate your catalogue's blind spots

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